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The abstract deadline has passed. All abstracts fit into one of four categories:

  • Animal & Human Models of Neurocognitive Aging
  • Dedifferentiation of Brain Structure and Function with Age
  • The Healthy Brain in Transition to Disease
  • The Social and Emotional Underpinnings of Neurocognitive Aging

Abstracts were competitively reviewed by the following conference organizers: Drs. Chandramallika Basak, Kristen Kennedy, Denise Park (chair), Karen Rodrigue, Michael Rugg and Gagan Wig.

Poster presenters will be given a card to affix to each poster at the beginning of the session. The card will allow you to select a time interval when you will not be present so that you can eat lunch or conduct other business, and attendees will know when you are unavailable. The time and length of the interval is up to you. (Poster boards are generally 48” x 36”, with the recommended width being 48” or less. There is, however, no height restriction.)

Review Abstracts

Please check back soon for a listing of all accepted abstracts.